About the project “El maleh Rachamim”

“El maleh Rachamim” / “God full of Mercy” is one of the funeral prayers in the Jewish tradition, which reminds the deceased and asks for their repose.

The prayer is practiced today on national days of remembrance, and in particular in Israel on the Day of Remembrance for the Holocaust and Heroism, and on the Day of Remembrance for the Casualties of the Israel Defense Forces.

On this year’s Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Day, when we treasure in our memories the horrors of the Holocaust on the one hand and the horrors of the wars of today on the other hand, we see the duty and importance of stimulating thought and enlightening awareness of the heavy price that all human beings pay for wars.

What was the special reason for creating a new version of “El maleh Rachamim”?

Given the importance of the prayer “El maleh Rachamim”, Sergey Krutsenko, Baruch Berliner and Nachum Slutzker, as well as Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project, have produced a new musical arrangement and touching cinematic adaptation of this important prayer designed to raise audience awareness of the Holocaust. We are making every effort to educate people and preserve the memory of the greatest tragedy that befell our nation.

Instrumental and vocal versions of “El maleh Rachamim” / “God full of Mercy” are loved by famous international musicians who perform the composition at their concerts.

Among them are American cellist, Grammy nominee Dmitry Yablonsky, Russian-Israeli singer Lev Elgardt, French violinist Alexander Brusilovsky, Russian-Israeli cellist Boris Andrianov and many others.

The work has already been performed in Israel, Italy, France, Croatia, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador and South Korea.

About the authors

The composition “El maleh Rachamim” was written by Baruch Berliner, Nachum Slutzker and Sergey Krutsenko, and was released with the assistance of Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project.

Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project is an international company founded by the famous Israeli composer Baruch Berliner and successful Israeli producer Nachum Slutzker.

Currently, many people from all over the world have joined the project – famous musicians, conductors, orchestras and many others.

The company’s arsenal includes symphonic works, ballet and even rock shows. The works of Baruch Berliner were already performed in 31 countries from Asia to South America. The geography of the Project is constantly expanding, and the number of views on the Project’s YouTube channel exceeds 4,600,000.

The film “The Address on the Wall”

The film “The Address on the Wall” was created in collaboration with Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project and is dedicated to the mass execution of Jews in Babi Yar during World War II. The epilogue finalizes the film with the prayer “God full of Mercy”, performed by Baruch Berliner.

The main role in the film was played by Alex Ansky, a famous Israeli actor who played in such films as “Spy Academy”, “Bulgarian Rhapsody”, “Orchestra of Exiles”, in the TV series “Champion” and many others.

The film received recognition at the following Festivals:

  • Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes / Cannes, France / Nov 2022
  • Ogeechee International History Film Festival, Statesboro, Georgia, USA / 23-25.2.2023 – Honorable Mention
  • Courage Film Festival / Berlin, Germany / 2-17.1.2023 – Semi Finalist
  • Pápa International Historical Film Festival / Pápa, Hungary / April 2023 – Finalist
  • IMPACTE! Human Rights Film Festival of Catalonia / Barcelona, Spain / May 2023
  • AEI Film Festival (Archaeological, Ethnographic & Historical) / Nemesia, Cypress / July 17-23
  • Oakville Film Festival /Toronto, Canada / June 23-25
  • Chichester Film Festival, England, August 4-27
  • MOSTRA DEL CINEMA DI TARANTO/Italia, Taranto/Augusto 21-27
  • LANE DOC FEST/ Tennessee/September 30 October 7

Join our project!

You can join our project and the worldwide flash mob in memory of those killed in the Holocaust by performing your version of this composition.

We invite to cooperation vocalists, choirs, musicians – violinists, cellists, pianists and guitarists, orchestras, dance groups and everyone who would like to participate in the global project.

You can download sheet music and scores and send us a video of your performance to info@berlinersgenesis.com.

Videos of all the groups taking part in the project will be posted on the website www.elmalehrachamim.com, www.berlinersgenesis.com and the YouTube channel Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project, the number of views of which exceeds 4.6 million, and the brightest participants will receive prizes.

For any questions about the project and cooperation, as well as sheet music, please write to info@berlinersgenesis.com.


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